Goals of  Nursing (Borujen Branch)
Enhancing the ability of scientific board in different areas of teaching, research, and clinical services for better efficiency of the staff;
Strengthening teaching and research services in order to enhance the scientific quality of the educators;
Developing and broadening the complementary education in the college;
Developing scientific announcement and having relationship with other teaching and research centers of the country;
Developing the physical area of the college for teaching and research activities;
Strengthening the system of supervision and control in the case of teaching, research, and clinical affairs;
Developing cultural activities in order to pave the way for cultural, faith, political, and social affairs of students, scientific boards, and staffs;
Increasing the number of students accepted to the higher levels of education.
The mission of Boroujen nursing college is to train efficient and astute human force who are needed for the society in different fields of nursing, operation room, and medical emergencies. Besides, we are trying to produce science in the mentioned fields in order to increase the level of health and well-being in the society and paving the way for securing the desired services in basic dimensions such as teaching, research, management, clinical services all with a social and Iranian Islamic culture point of view and professional morality.
Enhancing the role of college in teaching, research, and cultural affairs as a pioneer college in the university and among the other nursing colleges.
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